The Steam-Injected Furnace of Creation / by Terrence Salmond

Prior attempts at blogging have yielded varied topics and varied quality. I'm going to try to narrow the focus of this newest endeavor and use it as a recording device in my ever-evolving bread baking experiences, from mistakes with starter maintenance and slack dough (so very many) to success with tweaking recipes to get the  

In addition to the one-off recipes will be my white whale project that is the hunt for the Detroit Rye. A few months back my boss, a Detroit native and member of the tribe was explaining the difficulty in finding quality rye bread not only on the West Coast but really all over the country. Some cursory research confirmed that any learned deli eater turns their nose up at even New York rye and looks towards Detroit for their real rye fix. Since then I have been experimenting in trying to match those recipes with, at best, moderate success. I'll post a few attempts in here and my ongoing tweaks and changes to the recipes I'm trying. 

You have been warned.